General Mantra Meditation

“As you probably know the process of doing it, mentally repeating the mantra, is quite simple. The method is really just the same as focusing on the sensation of the breath in that when you find that your mind has wandered you try as best you can to calmly and gently return your mind to the mantra.
The challenging part is in finding/choosing a mantra that “fits” you.
If you are spiritually inclined it can be fairly easy to find a mantra that symbolizes the Divine or some aspect of the Divine.
If that is not how you are inclined it then becomes a matter of finding a word or phrase that has a deeply positive harmonious meaning/resonance for you.
It sounds like you are in a place where you need to start right away so just pick one right now and begin using it. Then later, when you are in a better state of mind, you can spend more time contemplating finding a mantra that fits you better.”

Sample Mantras to use

“It is extremely beneficial for all times, emotionally difficult, emotionally easy, happy and sad.
Here’s a good teaching by Lama Zopa Rinpoche on the benefits of chanting OM MANI PADME HUNG; it’s directed towards attending a retreat (which has long finished), however the points on the benefits of the mantra are still very valid. There are also quite a few other teachings on it all over the place.”

Vajrapani is the manifestation of Buddha’s energy, and I think has a feeling of will and force behind it.
Vajrapani is the weilder of the vajra, that which is immutable, indestructable, unstoppable.
And so when we need the “umph” to condition our mind to be more strong, more powerful, full of an abundance of energy to get through,

“Hakuna Matata”, it is a Swahili phrase that can be translated literally as “no worries.”

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