Using Sacred Objects

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Meditating on an object can sometimes be easier than watching the breath, for many. With your eyes open, and unlike the breath always present, external objects can be much easier to keep your attention on.

1. Select something significant to place your attention. It should be something positive to you – it might be a candle, a religious statue, a flower, an image, or whatever you would like.

2. Be aware of its simple visual presence. You do not need to empty your thoughts, or reach any deep awareness. Just observe.

3. When you inevitably find your mind wandering, gently, without judgement, return your attention to it.

4. We are not trying to ‘achieve’ anything, as such. We are exercising the muscle of attention, to use in later meditations. And we spend most of our days lost in thoughts. Simply being naturally present is an antidote to that otherwise unusual state, with its abstractions and ignorance.