Preparing For Meditations

Establish a Consistent Time of Day to Meditate

It doesn’t matter how long we meditate. It matters how regularly we meditate.

The most important thing to doing a meditation practice is consistency. Most people find 10 minutes in the morning, before the business of the day begins, is an ideal place start. Others prefer the evenings. Remember, it takes three weeks of doing something for it to become a routine.

This is a good general introduction to meditation is coming soon »

Make a Special Place to Inspire Your Meditation

We are more influenced by our surroundings than we appreciate. Many successful people would be embarrassed to admit, 90% of what they achieved was being around a good environment.

You should have a place that you have dedicated to your meditation practice, be it at home, work, or anywhere else. This should be a place where you won’t likely to be interrupted, and you can leave special items on display. The objects that inspire you might be an old, low table, a photograph of a religious leader or special place important to you, a holy sculpture (such as The Buddha, or Jesus), holy water, a flower or other plants in a vase, religious beads, incense, a candle, a bell, a special book, or other items that are unique to you (links to follow).

Consider all the senses, and consider covering this area with a cloth to keep it tidy and dust free. All of these things will have a noticeable effect on your mind and motivation.

Soon we will have a good collection of items that are recommended to make an effective meditation space »

Purchase a Good Meditation Book to Guide You.

If you do not have a dedicated teacher, a good meditation book will be the next best thing. Finding a good book is difficult without a good recommendation. We have found the following are the best meditation books to own, for each different approach you might be interested in:

  • Mindfulness (a good general meditation approach, where you focus on your body and breath)
  • Zen Buddhism (incorporating the above, Zen Buddhism uses ritual and other tools to deepen a meditation practice.
  • Tibetan Buddhism. Tibetan buddhism combines prayer, visualizations, and other practices, aimed at transforming your mind as a vehicle for enlightenment.
  • Christian Meditation. Fast becoming an important part of Christian practice, and indeed always part of the Christian tradition, this book is the best introduction.

You will soon be able to read readers’ reviews of different meditation books here »

Have a Comfortable Cushion, Chair, or Stool.

We should not be so taught so as to make ourselves stiff, nor too relaxed to be slouched

You do not have to sit crossed legged to meditate, you can sit in a chair (from Amazon, above), or kneel on a special stool. However, it is useful to have a specially made seating arrangement, as comfortable sitting is so important. Here is a great cushion, a great meditation stool, and a great meditation chair, that are not very expensive (links coming soon).

Maintain a Good Posture

Your back should be as if a stack of coins were reaching straight through your back and head up to the sky.

Many people prostrate themselves before meditating, as maintaining a humble attitude is important for any progress. We always have a lot further to go.

Sit or kneel down, and raise your back to a straight position, but not rigid.

Importantly, you should lock or close the door, ask not to be disturbed, and turn off any electronic items, including mobile phones.

A good book with excellent diagrams about meditation seating arrangements and posture is coming soon »

Consider Why You Are Meditating (Your Motivation)

A book that explain the full possibilities available through meditation to come »

Sit Quietly for a Few Moments

Whatever we rush into we are likely to do poorly. Similarly, with meditation, we should take a moment to let our previous state of mind subside before meditation, to let our focus move to the task at hand.

We will have a a good book on the beauty of silence to recommend soon. Once you feel ready, you are ready to move to the next step, which is to set your positive motivation.