Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana has many aspects. It includes a code of basic good moral conduct, such as not killing, lying or stealing. Vipassana is well known in the West for its silent, 10 day meditation retreats, that you can undertake near most major cities.

The other aspects of Vipassana are perhaps covered elsewhere, and can be summed up as mastery over the mind. Watching the breath is an important part of Vipassana, as is quietly observing the mental and physical sensations that arise.

Finally, this attention is used to gain insight into the practitioners’ own nature. By watching the mental compulsions that drive us, Vipassana can lead to peace and wisdom.

To watch videos from Vipassana teachers, students describing 10 day retreats, Vipassana in prisons and schools, and other Vipassana news and tips, visit our Vipassana Meditation YouTube Channel.